Carolina Montejo

CAROLINA MONTEJO: 2/15/18 - 6/30/18

Carolina Montejo  is a Colombian visual artist living and working in San Diego, California.


Montejo’s recent project, Mission Ceres, is a multidisciplinary work that has evolved during the past four years and has transitioned from still imagery to poetry, installation, object, and video.

The story behind Mission Ceres proposes a scenario that intermittently travels between fiction and reality, addressing scientific, philosophic and aesthetic views of landscape, humanity, and technology, thus glancing at our planet’s state of survival, as well as the history and destiny of mankind.

Carolina has been a practicing artist for over 10 years, working primarily in the photographic medium and basing her conceptual approach on symbolism, language, and consciousness, as well as their relation to digital culture and traditional storytelling. She received a bachelor's degree in Communications from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá and is currently a candidate for a Master in Fine Arts at the University of California San Diego.

Her work has been exhibited in Colombia, Argentina, Finland, France, Indonesia and the United States. A complete list of past and upcoming exhibitions and lectures can be found at:

reality_fiction - screenshot.png


This study was completed during the course of Montejo's residency by using footage from interviews with content donors. Thank you to to all participants who visited the studio: Ashley Fenderson, Michelle Montjoy, Guusje Sanders, and Brian Black.


Enkyklios Paideia Vol. II

An evolution of Mission Ceres’ foundational book, this text expands the nucleus of the story’s development in an updated edition with imagery and text developed over the course of the artist's residency period.

C.A.L.I’s content_Definitions_1 - screenshot.png

C.A.L.I’s content_Definitions_1

Debuting at After 1920's inaugural public event, this film represents a shift in the artist's Mission Ceres project to the incorporation of black and white imagery  and exploration of one of sentient satellite C.A.L.I's core mandates, to define an unknown world.