Winter Break 2019

WINTER break 2019


Together with the After 1920 founders, Paul Schumacher will collaborate on the design and construction of a new studio structure for future residents. The studio, along with a study and reimagining of the property, will seek to capture the spirit of After 1920. As a workspace, encouraging investigation and expression. As a gallery, fostering deep and meaningful experience of the art. As a space, bringing the community together for engagement in a creative discourse.

Paul Schumacher is an architect and designer in San Diego, California.

He believes that one’s environment has a profound ability to shape their emotions and experiences. By acknowledging and celebrating the opportunity for architecture to aspire to this potential, Paul seeks to create spaces evoking deep feeling and impactful experiences. He is particularly interested in a handmade process that centers around and honors the individuals who will inhabit the space.

As a part of his architecture and creative practice, Paul has worked on projects varying in size from a piece of furniture to a high rise. This work has included designing and building spacial installations, design of the facade system for a 58 story skyscraper, and work on a permanent supportive housing project for the homeless. Prior to embarking on his professional career in Austin and San Diego, Paul received a BArch from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA.