After 1920 is a physical location and a temporal orientation

Positioned behind a personal residence in San Diego, CA, a small studio plays host to a biannual artist residency that manifests in an invitation only salon series. Following in the spirit of the intense creative and cultural production that took place across America, France, and Germany in the 1920s, After 1920 endeavors to create space for an intimate engagement with contemporary, conceptual art and artists in order to bolster cultural collaborations in the San Diego community.

A project by creative collective IM/MATERIAL, After 1920 aims to provide direct support to culture makers through traditional methods of patronage in a modern context.

Transformation is the very foundation of After 1920 and, as such, the enterprise seeks to cultivate transformation in three distinct ways:

Provide direct support to culture makers during a period of creative evolution


Create a forum for San Diego culture makers to participate in deep, intimate engagements with new  art and artists


Steward vital and vigorous critical discourse within the San Diego creative community